Caring for Our Animals

Caring, Knowledge, Experience

~ Providing for our Animals ~



B&A’s animal care staff demonstrates their passion, dedication, and years of experience every day to ensure the best possible well-being for the animals in their care. In cooperation with licensed veterinarians, trained and knowledgeable vet techs, and qualified film animal trainers – when combined equals dozens of years of experience with many different species of birds and animals – our animal care staff provide well-rounded and versatile care for these amazing animals. The specialized knowledge they possess includes understanding natural animal behaviors, managing nutrition, habitat design, and they incorporate positive reinforcement training and create daily enrichment to build strong relationships with our animals.

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Positive reinforcement training allows an animal to voluntarily participate in the interaction. This type of training uses a cue (usually a verbal or hand instruction asking the animal for a behavior), and a reinforcer (a reward, usually food, but also includes lots of positive verbal praise), and allows the animals to voluntarily participate in their own healthcare.

Our animal care team works tirelessly to provide the highest level of care for our animals. They are committed, enthusiastic and engaged every day, rain and shine.